CLIMATE Make It Work!

Hi all!

While looking forward to the next gathering I would like to introduce you to a nice project that Bruno Latour spoke about in a lecture for Plan Bureau Leefomgeving (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) last November.

The project is called Make It Work/Theatre of Negotiations, initiated by Sciences Po (University in Paris) and led by Bruno Latour and Laurence Tubania. “Through several ambitious projects, this initiative aims to help communities of students and researchers, as well as society in general, both in France and abroad, to address climate change and its related geopolitical issues.” They focused on the COP21 in Paris and tried to reinvent a life-size COP with around 200 students. The students all had different roles wherein they had to negotiate the future of our planet. They had three days and one night to reach consensus.

Bruno Latour previously proposed the definition of aesthetics – “becoming sensitive” – as a clue to help us represent ourselves in the fascinating yet perplexing period of the Anthropocene. For Latour, the Anthropocene must become “real” (through the instruments of science), “present” (politically and socially), and “true” (with emotions and mental representations) for us to properly tackle the problem of representation. This last point is also why it took place in a theatre, a really symbolic place where emotions can be shown.

Someone made a documentary about the project; I haven’t seen in yet, maybe it is worth watching together!

One thought on “CLIMATE Make It Work!

  1. Brilliant idea, Lot!

    I haven’t seen the documentary either and, while having witnessed the drama of many a Model UN and much appreciated the transformative techniques in Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, look forward to experiencing this Theatre of Negotiations approach to political simulations and other serious games in educational environments.

    Not unrelatedly, a citizen’s tribunal–led and staged by scholars and activists–will investigate Monsanto for crimes against nature and humanity this coming October in The Hague. Announced at COP21, this Monsanto Tribunal aims to charge the agrochemical industry with ecocide; find out more at


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