Turning with the whales…

A message from Dominik: I happened to come across an interesting article. I found it to be in alignment with mission and goals of our philosophy group meetings, so I thought it would be worth sharing with the others. The first is an article about psychologist who, after initial plan of studying whale behavior, realized […]

Machinic Ecology May 20

Dear Latourists! Very SHORT NOTICE, but for those of you who enjoyed our discussion yesterday on Braidotti, Deleuze & Guattari, or could not make it,  here is a nice event! Tomorrow Braidotti will be moderating at The Annual National Deleuze Scholarship Conference @ the University of Amsterdam. You can find the information on the conference & location here. […]

Becoming-messmate: cinematic encounters

After our constructive struggle with Deleuze’s machinations in Session 4, here is one line of flight through film: Our proposed intersessional screening of Laurie Anderson’s Heart Of A Dog coincides perfectly with the documentary’s general release in The Netherlands this and next week. Heeding one facet of Braidotti’s post-humanism, let’s relax our impulse to control: rather […]