Becoming-messmate: cinematic encounters


After our constructive struggle with Deleuze’s machinations in Session 4, here is one line of flight through film:

Our proposed intersessional screening of Laurie Anderson’s Heart Of A Dog coincides perfectly with the documentary’s general release in The Netherlands this and next week. Heeding one facet of Braidotti’s post-humanism, let’s relax our impulse to control: rather than co-ordinating schedules for one mass screening, we might catch the film in a theatre or city near each of us and share our impressions in reply to this blog post.

(That said, everyone is very welcome to join me for the 19:15 screening on Monday 23 May in The Hague’s Filmhuis, after which we can let the film resonate amongst us over drinks. Anyone wishing others to join their preferred screenings: please post invitations in reply.)

Meanwhile, on human messiness in the company of messmates, the Leiden International Film Festival brings us a free open-air screening of Icelandic existential comedy Of Horses and Men on Saturday 21 May at 22:30 in Pieterskerkplein.

Do share other messmatey films below as they pop up in the lowlands during our tour through multiple becomings, and in response to Charlie’s comment on cockroaches earlier tonight, something facetious, in full and unabashed Disney anthropomorphic glory: enjoy!

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