Turning with the whales…

A message from Dominik:


I happened to come across an interesting article. I found it to be in alignment with mission and goals of our philosophy group meetings, so I thought it would be worth sharing with the others.

The first is an article about psychologist who, after initial plan of studying whale behavior, realized it might have been reciprocal. Additionally, he engages in following induction of thoughts from the encounter to what it says about us/our nature. The form greatly reminded me of couple of texts we read. Hence, I immediately thought of sharing it with all the Latourists 🙂

The second is rather an official page inviting people to join a call session consisting “…of conversations, stories, readings, flute and silence,…” scheduled on the 4th and the 5th of June.

7 thoughts on “Turning with the whales…

  1. Thanks for the interesting post!

    What do you think of accepting their invitation and join them on the 5th of June (June)?


    1. I’m game!

      Participation on 5 June may be trickier than 4 June though, depending on one’s habits and sleep patterns: for instance, I am likely to listen and respond more robustly during the call on Saturday 4 June (16:00 – 17:00 NL time), but can probably only contribute a few snores on Sunday 5 June (03:00 – 04:00 NL time). To each his or her–nay, its–own?


      1. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to make it that Saturday, but I’m willing to sacrifice some sleep and attend the call Sunday 0300-0400!

        The fact that it is a call reminds of me of Heidegger’s notion of the ‘call of conscious’, reminding us of our being-in-the-world and our being-towards-death. I hope the call of the whales Sunday is going to have the same gravity.


  2. Hello Whale-turners! 🙂

    For everybody that might have been in doubts about the price of those calls I got a good news –> RebTel
    if link does not work you can use this one: https://www.rebtel.com/ and choose one of the 3 alternatives for making international calls.
    When choosing option ‘Country Unlimited’ you can get 7 days of –>Free<– calling to country of your choice and while it will automatically renew your plan after the 7 days trial plan for the monthly paid one it would, still be just 2 euros (per month) if you forget to unsubscribe. Anyway – still cheaper than any call using regular means of calling.
    Besides, my friend who used it for calls to America said it works flawlessly.

    I am, personally, planning on attuning to the call on Saturday and, naturally, if it evokes enough interest in me I'll be delighted to join again on Sunday despite the morning hours 🙂

    Hear you' all on Saturday/Sunday!


  3. For those who missed the turning this weekend and are curious about how things turned out:

    Full sound recordings of both calls are available at:
    –> https://soundcloud.com/ravendelana/sets/turning-of-the-whales/s-zSBG4
    One quite Latourist moment happened early in Day 1, when the hosts unmuted all the callers’ microphones for a collective sigh…during which various telecommunication and information technology actants spoke loud and clear! Listen for this unexpected sonic encounter at 13:22 – 14:50 in the Day 1 recording.

    The original inspiration for this project is captured on film at:
    –> http://upliftconnect.com/singing-with-whales/

    Here’s to widening our song-sharing practices!


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