Manifesto part V: things & drinks

This evening we discussed Bennett’s Vibrant Matter. One of us summarized the text as following: Bennett’s arguing for an extension of equal status to all things in-the-world. I will try to write a more lengthy summary in a couple of days. For the moment, the statements for the Manifesto as put forward by you all were:

  • Vibration rocks!
  • We all matter!
  • Matter’s dead! We all killed it!
  • Nothing’s dead. Not even God.
  • Fuck the cause.

Apart from presenting statements, some of you also contributed to the bill I had to pay. In some way, the following things managed to escape being paid:

  • 1 Ginger ale
  • 1 jus d’orange
  • 1 bulleit bourbon
  • 1 tea

It would be kind of you if we can implement a certain form of redistribution. Please send me a message if you forgot a thing or two!

2 thoughts on “Manifesto part V: things & drinks

  1. I went for a run yesterday morning and was sitting on a bench under a tree by the canal afterwards admiring the view when a small black bird flew down and landed a couple of feet away from where I was sitting. Usually I say hi to animals when I see them; sometimes they come over (cats and dogs), sometimes not. This time I thought I’d just let this creature ‘be’ and resisted the urge to anthropomorphise. It then assumed – what seemed to me – a comfortable resting-position a bit closer and stayed there for a good ten minutes, occasionally pecking at the odd nearby twig. A pleasant experience of simple existence in the shade of the early-morning sun. Thanks Bennett! Haha

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  2. Recommendation: an interesting and fun essay about playing ants by David Graeber:

    Another recommendation. Last Saturday, we were invited to present at a Parliament of Things workshop organized by Partizan Republic. Artist Arne Hendrik also attended. He works on an interesting project about tiny humans. You can find a TedX-Talk about it here:


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