Film Sessions, KEVIN round #3


KEVIN is a series of film screenings and discussions organised by ArtScience students.

We warmly invite you to take part in these evenings. Every film, artwork and philosophical theory is an attempt to grasp the world we live in. We are curious how KEVIN and the discussions on political-aesthetics and philosophy may complement one another.

Programme for the evening, Tuesday 29/11 at 18:00

Short: Flora Reznik – Bait

Main movie: Věra Chytilová – Daisies

In this session the short is by Flora Reznik, a former ArtScience student, unfortunately she cannot be there. Therefore Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou will take care of the outroduction.


Hope to see you there!



Location: the Hague, KABK, Cinema (BA. 204)

[enter the artschool at the main entrance (Prinsessegracht 4), follow the main hallway until you walked through the mirrow corridor, take the iron stairs up to the second floor]

One thought on “Film Sessions, KEVIN round #3

  1. Thanks for the post!

    I also want to direction your attention to another event in The Hague next week, namely, the Modern Body Festival. The festival describes itself as following:

    Modern Body Festival strives to examine the nature of our current existence through the perspective of the ‘modern body’. With this year’s theme: I/WE/THEY, we examine the social body, and explore the cultural borders of a globalized world.

    See: (


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