Session 3: Rancière political-aesthetics

First of all, sorry for the delay. My oven broke down in the middle of X-mas preparations. Ok, so I’ll keep it short and talk about what struck me about the text. I invite you all to complement this reading with passages that struck you the most! The distribution of the sensible in political-aesthetics by Rancière. ‘I […]

The Aesthetics of Truth

Dear Latourists, Yet another cozy conversation took place last week on the aesthetics of Rancière and Badiou. Prior to reading Badiou’s chapters in Being and Event, I tried to get some more context of his work and saw a lecture of his. Even though it was not about aesthetics, he did explain his very fundamental […]

Docu: Tegenlicht

Hi Everyone! Do check out this Tegenlicht documentary. About the relationship between Art and Activism. And the ethical questions that come up in the Art world today regarding its intimate relationship with capital. Most of it is in English. Let us know what you think! Best wishes, Charlie

Machinic Ecology May 20

Dear Latourists! Very SHORT NOTICE, but for those of you who enjoyed our discussion yesterday on Braidotti, Deleuze & Guattari, or could not make it,  here is a nice event! Tomorrow Braidotti will be moderating at The Annual National Deleuze Scholarship Conference @ the University of Amsterdam. You can find the information on the conference & location here. […]

Interspecies Democracies April 14

Dear Latourists!! ‘Even though nonhuman animal communities make group decisions – they vote, negotiate, and sometimes even deliberate – political philosophers traditionally see democracy as human territory. And so the time has come to investigate possibilities for rethinking democracy with other animals.’ Come and join us for this lecture ! Thursday 14th of April at […]