New Emergences

For those of us based in The Netherlands, stayed tuned for and don’t miss New Emergences, a politics x aesthetics x philosophical investigation of gender in the context of current electronic music and its surroundings. The fifth edition of this series will take place on 13 December 19:00 – 22:30 in Amsterdam’s Splendour, featuring a lecture […]

Becoming-messmate: cinematic encounters

After our constructive struggle with Deleuze’s machinations in Session 4, here is one line of flight through film: Our proposed intersessional screening of Laurie Anderson’s Heart Of A Dog coincides perfectly with the documentary’s general release in The Netherlands this and next week. Heeding one facet of Braidotti’s post-humanism, let’s relax our impulse to control: rather […]

Animals: legal and other attachments

Looking forward to our upcoming discussion on 15 March about the political status of, inter alia, non-human animals, this article in the March-April 2016 edition of Harvard Magazine highlights the ways in which the law can be both a conservative and progressive instrument, at once crude and precise, for the recognition of animal rights. While legal […]