Manifesto part V: things & drinks

This evening we discussed Bennett’s Vibrant Matter. One of us summarized the text as following: Bennett’s arguing for an extension of equal status to all things in-the-world. I will try to write a more lengthy summary in a couple of days. For the moment, the statements for the Manifesto as put forward by you all […]

Manifesto part III

Last night we gathered in Amsterdam and discussed Haraway’s When Species Meet. In contrast to the two preceding meetings the discussion did not focus that much on the epistemology and ontology in Haraway’s work. We, rather, tried to understand how we as individual human beings relate or should relate to other beings like our ‘lapdogs’ […]

Manifesto part II

Yesterday our second meeting took place. This time we met in Leiden and discussed texts from Latour, Stone, Leopold and Donaldson & Kymlicka. Starting with Pandora’s Hope, and an almost completely new group of Latourists, we tried to answer the question asked to Latour in the first chapter of the book: do you believe in […]

Manifesto part I

Good morning fellow Latourist! Last week Latourism had its first meeting in The Hague. In it, we discussed Latour’s We Have Never Been Modern and Politics of Nature. We talked about a wide variety of subjects ranging from ontology, epistemology, to democratic representation and science studies. Examples of questions and problems we discussed are: What is reality and […]