Session 5: Nietzsche

Last session we discussed Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil. Reading Nietzsche can be extremely challenging and my experience with last session’s work is best explained by simply quoting R. Anderson, who discussed the topic of reading Nietzsche in his article on the SEP. When reading Nietzsche, Anderson (who paraphrases Nehamas) explains that our attention is fixated […]

Sessions 4: No-saying for humanity’s sake

Last week we met in Leiden to talk about Camus’s The Rebel, and in particular, part I and IV. We read the first part as an introduction to the main theme in the book, and supposedly, his work in general. Camus argued that those who say ‘no’ to a particular situation, simultaneously says ‘yes’ to something […]

Session 3: Rancière political-aesthetics

First of all, sorry for the delay. My oven broke down in the middle of X-mas preparations. Ok, so I’ll keep it short and talk about what struck me about the text. I invite you all to complement this reading with passages that struck you the most! The distribution of the sensible in political-aesthetics by Rancière. ‘I […]

The Aesthetics of Truth

Dear Latourists, Yet another cozy conversation took place last week on the aesthetics of Rancière and Badiou. Prior to reading Badiou’s chapters in Being and Event, I tried to get some more context of his work and saw a lecture of his. Even though it was not about aesthetics, he did explain his very fundamental […]

Piece on art/criticism II

This post is the follow-up of the initial announcement where we called for contributions to produce a tangible piece aimed at exploring the intersection between the realm of the aesthetics and the political. I would kindly invite all of you who showed  interest on this initiative and continue to be as enthusiastic as we are […]

New Emergences

For those of us based in The Netherlands, stayed tuned for and don’t miss New Emergences, a politics x aesthetics x philosophical investigation of gender in the context of current electronic music and its surroundings. The fifth edition of this series will take place on 13 December 19:00 – 22:30 in Amsterdam’s Splendour, featuring a lecture […]

Piece of art/ criticism

During the meeting held on Tuesday 15 we agreed upon starting working on a little piece of art/ criticism, that would collect a number of essays dealing with the intersection between the realm of the aesthetic and the political. The body of literature assigned for the reading group meetings provides with an insightful theoretical background […]