Interspecies Democracies April 14

Dear Latourists!! ‘Even though nonhuman animal communities make group decisions – they vote, negotiate, and sometimes even deliberate – political philosophers traditionally see democracy as human territory. And so the time has come to investigate possibilities for rethinking democracy with other animals.’ Come and join us for this lecture ! Thursday 14th of April at […]


Greetings fellow Latourians! In light of expressed interest I have compiled a short overview of the concept/paradigm of degrowth, and its relevance to Latour (and the formation of a pragmatic, reflexive Parliament of Things for the here-and-now?). I would highly recommend looking up degrowth to anyone interested in sustainability (and critique of ‘sustainable development’), deliberative […]

Manifesto part II

Yesterday our second meeting took place. This time we met in Leiden and discussed texts from Latour, Stone, Leopold and Donaldson & Kymlicka. Starting with Pandora’s Hope, and an almost completely new group of Latourists, we tried to answer the question asked to Latour in the first chapter of the book: do you believe in […]

CLIMATE Make It Work!

Hi all! While looking forward to the next gathering I would like to introduce you to a nice project that Bruno Latour spoke about in a lecture for Plan Bureau Leefomgeving (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) last November. The project is called Make It Work/Theatre of Negotiations, initiated by Sciences Po (University in Paris) and led by […]

Drift Festival 9 april 2016 & movie dates

Continuing  the search for current developments that are in line with our Latourism theme, we are delighted to invite you all to the picture showings in a small movie theater De Uitkijk,  (Prinsengracht 452, 1017 KE Amsterdam). The pictures that will be shown are all questioning the relationship between People and Nature, and are organized […]

Blurred Lines in Replicant Love

Re-watching Blade Runner (1982) yesterday in the lovely, little cinema room of the KABK, was great fun! Besides the beautiful cinematography and entertaining script, the movie definitely provides some possibilities of the status of genetically manipulated beings in the future.  The Blade Runner is supposed to uncover so called Replicants of human beings using the […]

Animals: legal and other attachments

Looking forward to our upcoming discussion on 15 March about the political status of, inter alia, non-human animals, this article in the March-April 2016 edition of Harvard Magazine highlights the ways in which the law can be both a conservative and progressive instrument, at once crude and precise, for the recognition of animal rights. While legal […]